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Throwing a Bachelor Party in Perth

Perth Bachelor party

Stressed out because you just found out you are the best man? Are you in charge of taking the groom and all the guys out in Perth on the night before the big day? If you’ve got all this responsibility but you don’t know exactly where to go and what to do — you’ve found the right place. Read this bachelor party quick guide of ideas for Bucks party ideas in Perth, Australia. Keep in mind that you may not have time to do everything on our Bucks Night Ideas list, but you can get started and create a night for the groom and all his guys to remember. Just before everything, remember to book bus hire in Perth so that the entourage can travel in style during the bachelor’s party. Here are the best Bucks night ideas as supplied by XXX Bucks Parties for your big night out in Perth:

The key to every great bachelor party is to start at a unique place that everyone can enjoy and remember for years to come. One of the hotspot places in Perth is the Kings Park and Botanic Garden. Ask the guys to meet here to set the fun, relaxing mood for the evening. The gang can walk throughout the 400-acre gardens to catch up — an especially good idea if the groomsmen don’t know each other or have not seen each other in a long time. The expansive park also makes room for the gang to throw around football or kick a soccer ball for a few hours. You can even round everyone to go to a concert in the gardens – which are especially popular in the summer months. Check ahead of time to see who is playing so that you can coordinate properly. In addition, the Kings Park and Botanic Garden is the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat – as the park as many food options – before heading to the next stop on the journey.

Next on the agenda for party night: Head down to the docks and catch a cruise to view the sights along the Gold Coast. You can arrange to have snacks and an open bar for the entire party on the boat. The cruise will last several hours, so it’s a great time for groomsmen to get to know each other and for the entire party to celebrate, either by toasting or roasting, the groom. Plan ahead with the cruise company, as cruises get booked in advance. They’ll be able to help you choose a menu for the boat ride as well.

Cap off the night at a favorite, popular hot spot for nightlight. Perth has hundreds of bars, but you’ll want to pick one that suits the groom the best. The Ellington Jazz Club is a great option for the groom with cool style and excellent musical taste. The Hula Bula Bar is small and intimate. It’s a great spot for the groom who loves cocktails. Devilles Pad is for the eccentric, unique groom that dances to his own beat. Hear a great band at the Universal Bar. If you decide to do only one activity for the night, you can fit all of these bars into the schedule and take your groom on a bar crawl through Perth. At each stop, the party can celebrate the groom with a different signature drink and toast.

See? Bachelor party planning wasn’t that hard to do, was it? Now you and all of the groomsmen are ready to have a ton of fun in Perth at your very own Bucks party. Follow our handy guide, and the groom and all the bachelors will not be disappointed. But don’t have too much fun with these Buck night ideas! You have a wedding to get to the next day!


New York City nightlife

times square night

According to statistics, I’m not going to use exact numbers though since it keeps growing, New York City is the city of billionaires. Well, even if you don’t agree just by talking about walking its streets gives me chills. My friend, this city is simply splendid. Think about Broadway, Copacabana, Coyote Ugly… oh well, I’ll be frank, it’s going to be a fantastic and electric night. Before you hop onto the next jet, be sure that you have your ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) Visa with you. If you don’t have it yet, it’s a travel requirement so you really need to get one. Getting it is easy though, just go online and apply. Now, let’s go and have some fun.

Ever wonder how it feels inside a sardine can? That’s what you’re going to feel the moment you enter the doors of McSorley’s Ale House. Don’t worry though because it’s a guaranteed fun. Lose yourself in the booze and let your bravado do most of the talking. Forget about your projects for a while and look for the hottie whose willing to share the expensive taxi ride with you on your way back. Partygoers love its relatively cheap drinks but be forewarned that it’s crazy full any day of the week. I’m sure you’ll get a date even if you believe that you can’t get one. For sure, you’re going to enjoy the ale, err it’s the bar’s signature beer and it’s delicious.

How about a solemn night out? If your date is not so much into crazy parties and booze and whatnots, head directly to Broadway & Shows. The jazz is simply superb, hypnotic according to some but just all around great. Catch George Coleman play sax like a god, you’ll be in trance in no time. Nonetheless, buy an early ticket if you want to see the undying “The Phantom of the Opera” musical. The actors have been doing it so long that they practically live their screen characters in real life, nah just kidding. In the end, you won’t only get entertained but probably you’ll also have the best night of your life.

Manhattan SkylineAnother favorite stop for party goers is the splendid Copacabana. Think about combining Brazil and America; indeed, that’s one amazing salsa. Save yourself some precious time by getting there as early as possible because you can be on the guest list and avoid the long line. But if luck is not on your side, you’ll probably wait longer before you can go inside this fantastic club. Don’t forget to be on your best party attire, no jeans allowed inside for the ladies. That’s perfect anyways since everybody’s on the same page, time to show off them hot cleavages. There’s live music upstairs and plenty of dancing – salsa it is. Downstairs is more for traditional dancing, your typical DJ club scene. Either way, you’ll have plenty of fun.

If you’ve seen the movie “Coyote Ugly,” chances are you’re going to love the real thing. The locals love it because of its friendly price and of course the real red necks that go there. Some say this is where the real New Yorkers go to be themselves away from the glam that envelops the entire city, city of Billionaires you mean, that’s right.

If you simply want to party, drink a couple glasses of beer or a glass of neat wine, New York’s clubs are indeed the real things.


Attractions in Perth

Perth Park

I usually try my best to visit different parts of the world during my vacations and this past August was no exception. Constant travels have led me to the most breathtaking places on earth. One the best places I have visited and marked as “My Favorite” is definitely Perth. This is the Capital city of Western Australia. I had the chance to visit the surrounding attraction sites this August and I am glad I can share my experience with you.

One of the best places in Perth is basically the Kings Park and Botanic Garden. This park sits on a 400 acre piece of land and boosts as been the largest inner city parks in the world. It offers a stunning view of various treetops and landscapes. From this park, you will be in a position to study one of the few and oldest cultures on earth. Summer concerts are also a common occurrence around this park. Security and nice tantalizing foods are offered in plenty at this park.

PerthAnother great place to surely visit especially if you love wildlife is most definitely the Perth Zoo. With over 1,300 exotic and native animals in their natural habitats this Zoo offers the best in wildlife. You won’t find it difficult to spot a rare and an endangered animal. This can be attributed to the breeding programs available for endangered animals. Due to such steps, the Perth Zoo is among the award winning wildlife conservation parks in the world.
If you are looking for pure nature, cultural and social history of Western Australia, then the Museum of Western Australia is your preferred destination. From this museum, I finally had the opportunity to see and study dinosaur fossils that I only had a chance to read about them in history books. Preserved native animals and the ancient culture of Katta Djinoong (the first WA inhabitants) are also great attractions in this museum.
Located at just five minutes stroll from the city center is the 82.5 meters high Bell Tower. This tower is made up of copper and glass and consists of hundreds of bells which are the original bells dating back to 14th century. It’s one of the largest musical instruments in the world. Come ring the bells and enjoy the smooth sound produced by the tower.

If you love jewelry and would like to witness how gold is made from scratch, then the Perth Mint is your perfect destination. Located a few meters from the CBD, this mint site, gives you the opportunity to see the world largest gold exhibition bars. You can watch molten gold poured before your eyes. This was one of the last places I visited in Perth and bought myself pure gold chains as a remembrance of the attractions Perth has to offer.